Q:  What is modern guild?

A:  An online career mentoring program that offers different level career prep courses – Exploration, Immersion, Acceleration – taught by real world practitioners and trained career coaches


Q:  What do students get with each course?

A:  Each course is taught online and in each of the courses students get the following:

  1. Personal career coach they meet with 4-5 times, every two weeks, for one hour face-to-face virtual meetings
  2. Customized curriculum of written and video assignments
  3. Access to industry professionals, including 3, one-on-one 30-minute Q&As sessions in the student’s careers of interest
  4. Personal myguild page (e.g., command center) where all assignments, calendar/scheduling tool, video conferencing platform and much, much more are stored
  5. Access to modern guild’s Knowledge Center for supplemental career information


Q:  Who are the customers?

A:  College and high schools students.  As modern guild has three different 8-10 week courses available that align to the three major steps in a student’s typical career journey, there is a course for everyone.  Students can join the modern guild community by applying to the course that is best for them


Q:  How is the program appropriate for high school students?

A:  Our first career prep course, Exploration, has been designed for students at the beginning of their career search regardless of their academic year.  Exploration is a self-discovery phase where students learn about their interests and skills to align them to potential careers.  The 8-week course helps high school seniors better prepare for college by better understanding themselves and their career compatibility so that they maximize their college learning experience and avoid typical pitfalls (e.g., waste freshman year, switch their majors multiple times)


Q:  What is Exploration?

A:  Exploration is an 8-week course focusing on self-discovery to help students define potential career paths based on their interests and competencies.  In Exploration, students receive the following:

  1. Work one-on-one with a trained career coach over four, one-hour videoconference sessions to identify 3 target careers
  2. Uncover industries and careers that align to your interests/passions and competencies through various diagnostics and three, one-on-one 30-minute Q&A video sessions with industry professionals
  3. Identify competency gaps needed to overcome to realize your ‘dream job’


Q:  What is Immersion?

A:  Immersion is an 10-week course focusing on in-depth exposure into three potential careers to help students magnify their single career of interest.  In Immersion, students receive the following:

  1. Work one-on-one with a trained career coach over five, one-hour videoconference sessions to narrow career search
  2. Conduct three, one-on-one 30-minute Q&A video sessions with industry professionals to gain insider perspective on interested industries and improve overall career readiness
  3. Deepen industry knowledge, develop networking skills, improve value proposition and interview skills through the curriculum


Q:  What is Acceleration?

A:  Acceleration is a 10-week course focusing on career specialization to propel you to land your dream job.  In Acceleration, students receive the following:

  1. Work one-on-one with a trained career coach who works or has worked in your target industry over five, one-hour videoconference sessions to improve your candidacy
  2. Conduct three, one-on-one 30-minute Q&A video sessions with industry professionals in your target industry to gain insider perspective on industry and polish value proposition
  3. Access to industry specific tests and skills building exercises to improve career readiness and value proposition


Q:  How does a student sign up?

A:  modern guild is available to all motivated students through our merit-based application.  Interested students should apply and will learn within two weeks if they are accepted into the program


Q:  How much does the program cost?

A:  Our career prep courses cost between $699-$999 depending on the course.  As we want to provide access to our courses to all motivated students, irrespective of financial background, we do offer financial aid, including full-ride scholarships, for those that qualify based on financial need


Q:  Who are the career coaches and mentors?

A:  The coaches and mentors are experienced, real world professionals taking time out of their busy schedules to work with students interested in their industries or certified career counselors who have been working with students for years.  Both have been thoroughly screened and trained in the modern guild teaching method

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